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Companion's Desire

I sense there's something in the wind...

Sally Ragdoll
30 December 1985
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Almost all of you know me. So...yeah.
*hugs*, a cappella, acting, adam pascal, aida, alan rickman, ani, anthony rapp, aqua teen, art, assassins, audrey tautou, avenue q, backrubs, barenaked ladies, bassoon, beatles, beck, bela fleck, ben folds, bermuda, bernadette peters, blast!, books, broadway, cabaret, caitlin canty, cake, cartoons, catcher in the rye, cheese, chicago, chinese food, costume shops, creativity, cuddling, cynics, dancing, danny elfman, dave matthews band, deigo luna, disney, dog, dreams, driving, dwarves, eating, eels, ella fitzgerald, elphaba, family guy, fanfic, fantasy, firefly, food, frank zappa, franka potente, frida, frida kahlo, fried dough, friends, gargoyles, george harrison, gfatbb, girls, girlyman, guitars, guys, harry potter, havana nights, helena bonham carter, hippies, hot chocolate, hot tubs, idina menzel, incubus, into the woods, james taylor, janis joplin, jazz, jeff buckley, jekyll and hyde, johnny depp, kristin chenoweth, last five years, les miserables, lilacs, literature, little shop of horrors, lord of the rings, losers, mashed potatoes, mercedes lackey, monty python, movies, muppets, music, musicals, mythology, nerds, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, norbert leo butz, novels, once on this island, pajamas, parade (the musical), pavement, phantom of the opera, piano, pillows, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, potsdam, ra salvatore, radiohead, ragtime, randomness, reading, rent, rocky horror picture show, sandra bullock, sarcasm, scarfs, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, shiny objects, showers, shrek, silver, singing, sleeping, small dogs, snuggling, stevie wonder, swimming, talking, theatre, thoroughly modern millie, tick tick boom, tim burton, tim minchin, tom hulce, victor wooten, weezer, wicked