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Sally Ragdoll

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(no subject) [Mar. 20th, 2014|07:20 pm]
Sally Ragdoll
That awkward moment when you're feeling blue so you grab some ice cream and watch a light-hearted sitcom - only to have that sitcom's current "sit" be a carbon copy of why you're feeling blue.

This sucks.
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(no subject) [Oct. 11th, 2013|12:26 pm]
Sally Ragdoll
So, I'm at work, being exceedingly naughty. I have no real "reason" to post, I just felt like it. Also, I'm bored as hell!! Seriously. When I'm not taking calls, I'm staring off into the void of repressive office tactics. I'm not allowed to read, do puzzles, go online, read wikipedia (on a program that we are required to use, thus is available, but for some reason reading for pleasure when it's DEAD is a problem...). Talking is fine as long as it doesn't disrupt work, but we are in tiny cubicles, so you have to physically move yourself out of the cubicle to speak with people, and the only person who can really hear you without you screaming is the person directly next to you - and you can't pick your own seat, so it's a crapshoot who you sit with.

Now, I would understand not playing games and igrnoing your job - but when it is DEAD, and nothing is going on, I think it's way more detrimental to not allow us to staty active and alert. What if we're falling asleep and we get a C-Section call? That's a recipe for disaster. I feel like in their desire to make everything seem "office-like" they are losing alertness, interest and a very needed release of stress.

At my new job, which granted I haven't started yet, but it's the exact opposite. It's police dispatch and 911. High stress, big consequences for actions - and they encourage everything from gaming to facebook while on the clock. The last thing they want is employees staring into space or checking out mentally. I just think it's hilarious that the highest stress phone job, literally, of all time is so much more relaxed with their employees. Also, according to my new boss, it cuts down hugely on mistakes, outbursts, and interoffice drama (which the answering service could use greatly).

It just MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. But....we live in a society where anything happening at work OTHER than work is frowned upon -even if the alternative is staring at a blank screen, silently, for a 1/2 hour while drool starts falling out of lips and your eyes glaze over with indifference.

I will wrap up this bitch fest by saying that I wrote this post over more than an hour, because I was answering calls. It wasn't super busy, but it was steady, and you know what? I didn't miss one call, nor was I late to one. So....how about them apples.

Maybe I'm just super pregnant and annoyed by sitting for too long, but seriously. Nothing about this feels natural or logical.

Also, I'm just about to my SECOND TRIMESTER!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Love to everyone! Someone read a book for me!
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Hi [Oct. 4th, 2013|11:17 pm]
Sally Ragdoll
So....kind of down today.

Of course I am, I'm posting, which usually only happens when I'm down or feeling super manic-productive.
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Number 2!!!! [Apr. 1st, 2013|09:45 am]
Sally Ragdoll
[Current Location |School]
[Current Mood |Tired]
[Current Music |The kindergarten class stomping like a herd of elephants]

Day 2 of 30 days of memes.

All the Places You've LivedCollapse )

Ok, I guess that's pretty much it. Questions? Comments? Concerns?
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THEFT! [Mar. 28th, 2013|10:33 pm]
Sally Ragdoll
[Current Location |My disgusting kitchen]
[Current Mood |Rather good, actually.]
[Current Music |Ryan on the phone with his dad.]

Ok, so I'm skanking this from leia131 (Meg) but she is lovely and I'm sure won't mind.

So, this is a 30 day meme. No, I will not remember to do this everyday, but I won't skip any topics, so it'll read in a relatively unbroken manner. I figure it's better than using this only for bitching - which is exhausting for all parties involved. So, the topics are as follows:

List of topics.....and my delving into the first!Collapse )

Ok! So, I guess that's everything. Man, this turned out considerably longer than expected! I like this whole prompt thing.
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Update: [Mar. 25th, 2013|11:40 am]
Sally Ragdoll
About my last post - the principal e-mailed me back and seems unconcerned - said that particular parent has always been a squeaky wheel and rarely pursues anything past the initial complaint. Also, it seemed like the principal was totally on my side, so I feel tons better.

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Damn it all.... [Mar. 24th, 2013|09:06 pm]
Sally Ragdoll
So, on facebook I made a joke about this, but I'm actually really nervous. I got an email from one of principals today. She forwarded an email from an angry parent about my inappropriate song choices. She says they are too adult, have sexual overtones and "mixed psychological messages." I have no idea what the mixed messages are, she gave absolutely no specifics. It's just annoying because I've heard the same things said about, "Can you Feel the Love Tonight" from the Lion King. If you want to find sexual overtones, you will. Prime example:

Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar.

You can make that sound sexual. It's even easy. If you think it's about sex, suddenly it is. Just like Alice in Wonderland can be about pedophilia, or drug use.

I don't know. Just weird. And I'm anxious about it, which I hate. The older I get, the more I notice gut gnawing anxiety creeping into my everyday affairs. I hate that constant nagging feeling. You can't quite settle, or distract yourself. You just keep thinking about it and checking your e-mail.

For the record, the songs are I'm Yours (with damn taken out, and removing all the ear-nibbling talk) by Jason Mraz, Too Close by Alex Clare and Bad Day by Daniel Powter. All of these songs were requested by the students and most of them already know them by heart. I won't even list the insanely inappropriate songs they requested that I had to turn down.

Ok. I'll stop now. I'm tired and anxious.

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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2013|09:22 am]
Sally Ragdoll
So, I'm currently throwing the "YAY, we had a concert!" party at school for the middle-schoolers. Some are pissed because they didn't go to the concert, so they are in the Kindergarten room writing a short essay. Poor babies. Reap what you sow, bitches! The thing that kills me is before the concert - for WEEKS before - I told them about this party, and I told them the alternative for not going. Yet, they still manage to think nothing is fair. They don't WANT to do music class activities. Ok, that's fine. Then I don't WANT to throw you a party.

So any how, I'm watching Despicable Me and watching my kids eat copious amounts of chips/cheese poofs/popcorn. Nothing like snacks and soda for breakfast!

The kids who are here seem pretty psyched, so that's cool.

It also makes a crazy easy day for me. So....sweet!

So, that's basically my update. I actually managed to get to sleep before midnight last night, so I don't want to kill everyone.

Um....I think that's about it. I might do this 30 day meme thing that Meg is doing, but I'm lazy. So, we'll see.

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Resignation [Mar. 11th, 2013|12:24 pm]
Sally Ragdoll
[Current Location |Orange School]
[Current Mood |Drained]
[Current Music |The distant ringing of my right ear drum]

So, I sent my letter of resignation today stating that I would NOT be returning to this teaching position at the end of the year. Now I just have to MAKE IT to the end of the year. It's just been crazy. Half the time, I can't even make it to school because of illness, weather or what have you. I only work twice a week and I guarantee I've taken more days off than everyone else in this school district. On one hand, I feel guilty about that, but on the other hand, they knew I would be commuting over two mountains to get here and they said they would be flexible with weather. So, I'm not overly concerned. Well, technically, I have literally no reason to be concerned as I don't want to be rehired and firing me at this point would probably just be mercy.

Lately I feel like the worst adult of all time. I'm still in college - doing poorly, I might add - I am completely failing at the big girl job I studied forever for, I have no prospects for a decent income, I keep getting ear infections and I can't stop watching Pitch Perfect. Plus, in case I wanted to forsake the whole career path and go with being a stay at home wife (which is a legit choice that I have no issues with), I even suck at that. I'm terrible about keeping my house clean, I never EVER cook, and I spend money that I don't have for shit I don't need ALL THE TIME. And I always more pets. Just....so many pets.

UGH! ANGST! Makes me feel like even less of an adult. Blech and such.
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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2013|03:05 pm]
Sally Ragdoll
An ear infection???

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